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Happiness Ripple

Accept a Smile and Pass It On Art to Wear and Share Spread happiness and warmth with our collection of artistic t-shirts. We’re not just any t-shirt brand, we’re a happiness movement!
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Inspired by the hand-carved art piece created by my mother, Anita Egan Healy, under the smiling ‘70s So Cal sun, we aim to spread love, warmth, and happiness with our clothing line. To us, each t-shirt of ours is art that is meant to be worn and shared.

Just like the sunny California beach scene in the ‘70s that was pure, laid back, and happy, we want to start the happiness movement that captures that spark and spreads the Happiness Ripple.

 We’re a women-owned family legacy that wants to bring positivity to people’s lives. The world needs more kindness and positivity—and we aim to spread the smiles!

Whether you want to empower your own happiness or bring a smile to the women in your life, our happiness ripple is just a click away.


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