8 Types of Handbags Every Girl Should Have

Your closet is not complete without a handbag for every occasion. After all, you can’t carry a backpack to an evening event! That’s why it’s necessary to have a collection of bags that’ll always have your back.

Here are a few must-haves that’ll stay in style for years to come:

Shoulder Bag

This 90s fashion staple is still going strong. It’s that one option you can always fall back on when you’re not sure which bag to go with. Shoulder bags are stylish, versatile, and easy to carry on the shoulder—we think they'll be here for a long time!

Day Clutch

Some days, you just want to carry a lightweight bag that’s just big enough to keep your stuff. Day clutches are small, light-weight, and yet very fashionable, a perfect addition to your outfit when you’re hoping out for a quick cup of coffee.

a woman with a brown bag

Evening Clutch

For nights filled with glamor, music, and fun, there’s nothing more perfect than a fancy evening clutch. They come in different colors and designs: vibrant and soft, flashy and elegant; the choice is yours.

Duffle Bag

Whether you're going on a last-minute trip, heading to the gym, or staying with a friend, a duffle bag will provide enough space to pack the stuff you need for a day or two. Plus, it’s not bulky like a suitcase, which means you can carry it around easily.

Tote Bag

A tote is a must-have for every woman. You can keep a lot of stuff in it, carry it wherever you want, and keep your style intact. Whether you go with a leather tote or a canvas one, it’s a bag you can’t ignore.

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Crossbody Bag

This is another bag that deserves a fixed spot in your wardrobe. On days you want to walk around with the bare minimum stuff, you can go with a crossbody bag. Opt for a bag that’s not too big (so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a bulky bag) or too small (so it can carry a little more than your phone, keys, and cash).


It's a chic laptop bag. If you’re off to somewhere, you need your phone, cards, laptop, and a change of clothes, you need a satchel. It’s spacious enough to hold your laptop, notebook, tablet, wallet, and makeup but also not so big that it gets bulky and difficult to carry.


Just headed to the market? Want to spend the day with a few essentials? You need a wristlet. It’s a small, easy bag that’s perfect for grabbing and going when running errands.

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