Top Reasons You Need a Tote Bag in Your Collection

We’re huge tote bag advocates, and why shouldn't we be? They’re versatile, durable, environmentally friendly, spacious, and of course, very chic!

If you love bags but don’t have a tote in your wardrobe yet, you’re missing out—majorly!

Totes come in different colors, styles, designs, and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: fashion savviness. They’re the one addition to your outfit that’ll make all elements work.

Here are a few reasons totes are simply the best of all bags:

Reason #1: They’re Super Versatile

Their versatility is the first thing that gives them an edge.

Totes are roomier and more spacious compared to other bags. They can fit almost anything! You can take them to school, work, shopping, market, and you’ll find them to be very useful.

Plus, they’re not boring at all! Totes come in a variety of designs, patterns, and materials like leather, canvas, plastic, and cloth. With so many options to choose from, you’ll surely be able to find a tote that’s love at first sight.

yellow flowers in a tote bag

Reason #2: They’re Great for All Occasions

As a bag lover, you probably have several slings, purses, and clutches. These are great, but often, other bag types come with limitations. For example, with a clutch, you only have so much space to fit things in.

Sometimes you need a bag that’s spacious enough, goes for all occasions, and also matches your outfit. That’s where a beautifully designed tote comes in — it will be everything you need in a bag.

Reason #3: They’re Very Durable

With totes, you don’t have to worry about durability. When maintained properly, they can stand the test of time. From their straps to their interior, everything is super high quality. This is particularly true for tote bags made of canvas and leather.

Reason #4: They’re an Excellent Present

Want to bring a smile to someone’s face? Gift them a tote bag! People love presents that can be used over and over, and tote bags perform exceptionally well in this area. From simple styles and creative colors to bold designs, there’s much to choose from.

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Reason #5 They’re Eco-Friendly

There’s nothing as fulfilling as saving the planet. With eco-friendly totes, you limit the use of plastic without giving up on your style. Canvas tote bags, in particular, are reusable, durable, and very eco-friendly, especially ones made of organic cotton. This will be your way of giving back to nature and saving it one bag at a time.

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